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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2019Implications of individual QT/RR profiles - Part 1: Inaccuracies and problems of population-specific QT/heart rate correctionsMalik, M; Garnett, C; Hnatkova, K; Vicente, J; Johannesen, L, et al
1-Mar-2019Implications of individual QT/RR profiles - Part 2: Zero QTc/RR correlations do not prove QTc correction accuracy in studies of QTc changesMalik, M; Garnett, C; Hnatkova, K; Vicente, J; Johannesen, L, et al
26-Aug-2019Cardiovascular risk in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: mechanisms and therapeutic implicationsTana, C; Ballestri, S; Ricci, F; Di Vincenzo, A; Ticinesi, A, et al
29-Jan-2019Potential spironolactone effects on collagen metabolism biomarkers in patients with uncontrolled blood pressureFerreira, JP; Rossignol, P; Pizard, A; Machu, J-L; Collier, T, et al
15-Jul-2019The transferrin receptor CD71 delineates functionally distinct airway macrophage subsets during idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisAllden, SJ; Ogger, PP; Ghai, P; McErlean, P; Hewitt, R, et al
18-Jun-2019Errors of fixed QT heart rate corrections used in the assessment of drug-induced QTc changesHnatkova, K; Vicente, J; Johannesen, L; Garnett, C; Stockbridge, N, et al
15-Aug-2019Specific challenge testing for occupational asthma: revised handbookSuojalehto, H; Suuronen, K; Cullinan, P
1-Jul-2019The potential of electrocardiography for cardiac risk prediction in chronic and end-stage kidney diseaseSkampardoni, S; Poulikakos, D; Malik, M; Green, D; Kalra, PA, et al
14-Aug-2019Building toolkits for COPD exacerbations: lessons from the past and presentSapey, E; Bafadhel, M; Bolton, C; Wilkinson, T; Hurst, J, et al
20-Aug-2019Medium and long-term risks of specific cardiovascular diseases in survivors of 20 adult cancers: a population-based cohort study using multiple linked UK electronic health records databasesStrongman, H; Gadd, S; Matthews, A; Mansfield, KE; Stanway, S, et al