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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Nov-2016PTTG1IP and MAML3, novel GWAS genes for severity of hyperresponsiveness in adult asthma.Nieuwenhuis, MA; Vonk, JM; Himes, BE; Sarnowski, C; Minelli, C, et al
1-Mar-2012Genome-wide association and functional follow-up reveals new loci for kidney function.Pattaro, C; Köttgen, A; Teumer, A; Garnaas, M; Böger, CA, et al
19-Apr-2016Mendelian Randomization using Public Data from Genetic Consortia.Thompson, JR; Minelli, C; Del Greco M, F
1-Aug-2018Improving the visualization, interpretation and analysis of two-sample summary data Mendelian randomization via the Radial plot and Radial regression.Bowden, J; Spiller, W; Del Greco M, F; Sheehan, N; Thompson, J, et al
10-Apr-2017Inclusion of biological knowledge in a Bayesian shrinkage model for joint estimation of SNP effectsPereira, M; Thompson, JR; Weichenberger, CX; Thomas, DC; Minelli, C, et al
26-Feb-2018Age at menarche and adult body mass index: a Mendelian randomization studyGill, DPS; Brewer, C; Del Greco M, F; Sivakumaran, P; Bowden, J, et al
7-Feb-2019EDITORIAL: Can’t see the wood for the trees: confounders, colliders and causal inferenceQuint, J; Minelli, C
16-Jun-2016Effect of external PEEP in patients under controlled mechanical ventilation with an auto-PEEP of 5 cmH2O or higher.Natalini, G; Tuzzo, D; Rosano, A; Testa, M; Grazioli, M, et al
1-Nov-2015Bayesian hierarchical model for joint estimation of SNP effects with integration of prior biological knowledgePereira, M; Thompson, JR; Weichenberger, CX; Minelli, C
24-May-2016Bayesian analysis of censored response data in family-based genetic association studiesDel Greco M, F; Pattaro, C; Minelli, C; Thompson, JR