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15-Oct-2016Reply: Daily Home Spirometry: A New Milestone in the Field of Pulmonary FibrosisRussell, AM; Maher, TM; All authors
31-May-2016Recent advances in understanding idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisDaccord, C; Maher, TM
7-Jun-2016Genome-wide imputation study identifies novel HLA locus for pulmonary fibrosis and potential role for auto-immunity in fibrotic idiopathic interstitial pneumoniaFingerlin, TE; Zhang, W; Yang, IV; Ainsworth, HC; Russell, PH, et al
5-Oct-2016Effect of statins on disease-related outcomes in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisKreuter, M; Bonella, F; Maher, TM; Costabel, U; Spagnolo, P, et al
15-Oct-2016Daily home spirometry: a new milestone in the field of pulmonary fibrosis: ReplyRussell, AM; Maher, TM
31-Dec-2016A cost-effectiveness analysis of nintedanib in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in the UKRinciog, C; Watkins, M; Chang, S; Maher, TM; LeReun, C, et al
14-Jun-2016Acute Exacerbation of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: An International Working Group ReportCollard, HR; Ryerson, CJ; Corte, TJ; Jenkins, G; Kondoh, Y, et al
18-Apr-2016Daily home spirometry: an effective tool for detecting progression in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisRussell, AM; Adamali, H; Molyneaux, PL; Lukey, PT; Marshall, RP, et al
12-Mar-2016Pulmonary macrophages: a new therapeutic pathway in fibrosing lung disease?Byrne, AJ; Maher, TM; Lloyd, CM
23-Oct-2015Development of a Consensus Statement for the Definition, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Acute Exacerbations of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Using the Delphi Technique.Maher, TM; Whyte, MK; Hoyles, RK; Parfrey, H; Ochiai, Y, et al