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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Sep-2016Raised interferon β, type 3 interferon and interferon stimulated genes - evidence of innate immune activation in neutrophilic asthma.Da Silva, J; Hilzendeger, C; Moermans, C; Schleich, F; Henket, M, et al
-NETosis and associated host DNA orchestrate rhinovirus-induced type 2 allergic asthma exacerbationToussaint, M; Swieboda, D; Guedan, A; Jackson, DJ; Tsourouktsoglou, D, et al
25-Jul-2016Identification of novel macrolides with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and type I and III IFN-augmenting activity in airway epitheliumPorter, JD; Watson, J; Roberts, LR; Gill, SK; Groves, H, et al
31-Aug-2013The Role of Bacteria in the Pathogenesis and Progression of Idiopathic Pulmonary FibrosisMolyneaux, PL; Cox, MJ; Willis-Owen, SAG; Mallia, P; Russell, KE, et al
29-Mar-2015Challenges in developing a cross-serotype rhinovirus vaccineGlanville, N; Johnston, SL
1-Sep-2015National and regional asthma programmes in Europe.Selroos, O; Kupczyk, M; Kuna, P; Łacwik, P; Bousquet, J, et al
29-Jul-2016Scaling up strategies of the chronic respiratory disease programme of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (Action Plan B3: Area 5).Bousquet, J; Farrell, J; Crooks, G; Hellings, P; Bel, EH, et al
18-May-2016A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study To Evaluate The Efficacy Of Oral Azithromycin (500 Mg Od) As A Supplement To Standard Care For Adult Patients With Acute Exacerbations Of Asthma (the Azalea Trial)Johnston, SL; Szigeti, M; Cross, M; Brightling, CE; Chaudhuri, R, et al
31-Aug-2017Rhinovirus induction of fractalkine (CX3CL1) in airway and peripheral blood mononuclear cells in asthmaUpton, N; Jackson, DJ; Nikonova, AA; Hingley-Wilson, S; Khaitov, M, et al
1-Jan-2015Inhaled Glucocorticoids and COPD ExacerbationsSinganayagam, A; Johnston, SL; Mallia, P