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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2011Designing lentiviral gene vectorsTolmachov, OE; Tolmachova, T; Al-Allaf, FA
26-Nov-2015Methods of Transfection with Messenger RNA Gene VectorsTolmachov, OE; Tolmachova, T; Hashad, D
1-Jun-2016Respiratory Syncytial VirusJha, A; Jarvis, H; Fraser, C; Openshaw, PJ; Hui, DS, et al
21-Feb-2018Gene expression during the activation of human B cellsZhang, Y; Uchiumi, F
1-Jan-2002Case study of QTL analysis in a mouse model of asthma.Zhang, Y; Cookson, W; Camp, NJ; Cox, A
27-Oct-2009Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics of Airway DiseasesZhang, Y; Cookson, W; Moffatt, M; Barnes, PJ; Chung, KF
20-Mar-2019Personalized medicine of urate-lowering therapy for goutZhang, Y; Yan, D; Kurose, R