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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jul-2008Bayes in the sky: Bayesian inference and model selection in cosmologyTrotta, R
1-Nov-2009Higgsing M2-brane theoriesDavey, J; Hanany, A; Mekareeya, N; Torri, G
23-Oct-2009The effect of columnar defects on the pinning properties of NdFeAsO0.85 conglomerate particlesMoore, JD; Cohen, LF; Yeshurun, Y; Caplin, AD; Morrison, K, et al
1-May-2001Microwave surface resistance in MgB2Zhukov, AA; Cohen, LF; Yates, K; Perkins, GK; Bugoslavsky, Y, et al
2-May-2008Dynamic densification behavior of nanoiron powders under shock compressionDai, C; Eakins, D; Thadhani, N
1-Nov-2000Bell's inequality test with entangled atomsBeige, A; Munro, WJ; Knight, PL
3-Oct-2006Instrumented Taylor Anvil-on-Rod Impact Test for validating applicability of standard strength models to transient deformation statesEakins, DE; Thadhani, NN
1-Jul-2005Indication for primordial anisotropies in the neutrino background from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe and the Sloan digital sky surveyTrotta, R; Melchiorri, A
1-Jul-2006Measuring the effective complexity of cosmological modelsKunz, M; Trotta, R; Parkinson, DR
1-Jul-2007Forecasting the Bayes factor of a future observationTrotta, R