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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-1999Finite-size errors in quantum many-body simulations of extended systemsKent, PRC; Hood, RQ; Williamson, AJ; Needs, RJ; Foulkes, WMC, et al
15-Aug-1999Symmetry constraints and variational principles in diffusion quantum Monte Carlo calculations of excited-state energiesWMC, F; Hood, RQ; Needs, RJ
27-May-1999Future ep Physics: The Outlook for HERALong, KR
1-Mar-1999Computing challenges of the cosmic microwave backgroundBond, JR; Crittenden, RG; Jaffe, AH; Knox, L
17-Jun-1991Multiphoton multiple ionisation of N20 probed by three-dimensional covariance mappingFRASINSKI, LJ; HATHERLY, PA; CODLING, K
7-Apr-1997Cosmological Parameter Estimation from the CMBTaylor, A; Heavens, A; Ballinger, B; Tegmark, M
19-Sep-1996Observation of events with an energetic forward neutron in deep inelastic scattering at HERADerrick, M; Krakauer, D; Magill, S; Mikunas, D; Musgrave, B, et al
1-May-1996Covariance mapping and triple coincidence techniques applied to multielectron dissociative ionizationFrasinski, LJ; Giles, AJ; Hatherly, PA; Posthumus, JH; Thompson, MR, et al
15-Jan-1996Four-dimensional string/string/string trialityDuff, MJ; Liu, JT; Rahmfeld, J
9-Aug-1999Anti-de Sitter black holes in gauged N=8 supergravityDuff, MJ; Liu, JT