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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Apr-2018Review of the 2017 WHO Guideline: Preventive chemotherapy to control soil-transmitted helminth infections in at-risk population groups. An opportunity lost in translationSavioli, L; Albonico, M; Daumerie, D; Lo, NC; Stothard, JR, et al
9-Feb-2017Impact of single annual treatment and four-monthly treatment for hookworm and Ascaris lumbricoides, and factors associated with residual infection among Kenyan school childrenKepha, S; Mwandawiro, CS; Anderson, RM; Pullan, RL; Nuwaha, F, et al
21-Mar-2019Calculating the prevalence of soil-transmitted helminth infection through pooling of stool samples: Choosing and optimizing the pooling strategyTruscott, JE; Dunn, JC; Papaiakovou, M; Schaer, F; Werkman, M, et al
6-Mar-2017Comparison and validation of two mathematical models for the impact of mass drug administration on Ascaris lumbricoides and hookworm infectionCoffeng, LE; Truscott, JE; Farrell, SH; Turner, HC; Sarkar, R, et al
5-Mar-2017A comparison of two mathematical models of the impact of mass drug administration on the transmission and control of schistosomiasisTruscott, JE; Gurarie, D; Alsallaq, R; Toor, J; Yoon, N, et al
23-May-2017The past matters: estimating intrinsic hookworm transmission intensity in areas with past mass drug administration to control lymphatic filariasisWerkman, M; Truscott, JE; Toor, J; Wright, JE; Anderson, RM, et al
1-Aug-2019Community-level epidemiology of soil-transmitted helminths in the context of school-based deworming: Baseline results of a cluster randomised trial on the coast of KenyaHalliday, KE; Oswald, WE; Mcharo, C; Beaumont, E; Gichuki, PM, et al
16-Sep-2019Human population movement can impede the elimination of soil-transmitted helminth transmission in regions with heterogeneity in mass drug administration coverage and transmission potential between villages: a metapopulation analysisVegvari, C; Truscott, JE; Kura, K; Anderson, RM;
16-Sep-2019Determining post-treatment surveillance criteria for predicting the elimination of Schistosoma mansoni transmissionToor, J; Truscott, JE; Werkman, M; Turner, HC; Phillips, AE, et al
18-May-2019Effects, equity, and cost of school-based and community-wide treatment strategies for soil-transmitted helminths in Kenya: a cluster-randomised controlled trialPullan, RL; Halliday, KE; Oswald, WE; Mcharo, C; Beaumont, E, et al