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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jun-2017The association between serum uric acid and the incidence of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus: The Rotterdam StudyVan der Schaft, N; Brahimaj, A; Wen, K-X; Franco, OH; Dehghan, A
6-Nov-2014A Web-based database of genetic association studies in cutaneous melanoma enhanced with network-driven data exploration toolsAthanasiadis, EI; Antonopoulou, K; Chatzinasiou, F; Lill, CM; Bourdakou, MM, et al
6-May-2016An update of the WCRF/AICR systematic literature review on esophageal and gastric cancers and citrus fruits intake.Vingeliene, S; Chan, DS; Aune, D; Vieira, AR; Polemiti, E, et al
1-Sep-2012How an online questionnaire can explore leadership teaching in an undergraduate curriculumPowell, S; Verma, A; Booton, P; Bicknell, C
13-Aug-2015Treating latent TB in primary care: a survey of enablers and barriers among UK General PractitionersAtchison, CJ; Zenner, D; Barnett, L; Pareek, M
2-Jun-2015Genomic context of Azole-resistance mutations in Aspergillus fumigatus using whole-genome sequencingAbdolrasouli, A; Rhodes, J; Beale, M; Hagen, F; Rogers, TR, et al
3-Jun-2015A pilot survey of junior doctors’ attitudes and awareness around medication review: time to change our educational approach?Jubraj, B; Marvin, V; Poots, A; Patel, S; Bovill, I, et al
6-Feb-2017Genome-wide association analyses for lung function and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease identify new loci and potential druggable targetsWain, LV; Shrine, N; Artigas, MS; Erzurumluoglu, AM; Noyvert, B, et al
24-Mar-2016Reconciling Longitudinal Naive T-Cell and TREC Dynamics during HIV-1 InfectionDrylewicz, J; Vrisekoop, N; Mugwagwa, T; De Boer, AB; Otto, SA, et al
1-Mar-2016The Impact of poor glycaemic control on the prevalence of erectile dysfunction in men with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review.Binmoammar, T; Hassounah, SOA; Rawaf, S; Majeed, A; Alsaad, S, et al