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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus: quantification of the extent of the epidemic, surveillance biases, and transmissibilityCauchemez, S; Fraser, C; Van Kerkhove, MD; Donnelly, CA; Riley, S, et al
28-Nov-2013Blood Erythrocyte Concentrations of Cadmium and Lead and the Risk of B-Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma: A Nested Case-Control StudyKelly, RS; Lundh, T; Porta, M; Bergdahl, IA; Palli, D, et al
1-May-2015Global and regional trends in COPD mortality, 1990-2010Burney, PGJ; Patel, J; Newson, R; Minelli, C; Naghavi, M
25-Oct-2017Survey of anti-obesity drug prescribing for obese children and young people in UK primary care.White, B; Hsia, Y; Kinra, S; Saxena, S; Christie, D, et al
1-Mar-2014Review of the strengths and weaknesses of risk matricesElmontsri, M
14-Jan-2013Are Thai MSM Willing to Take PrEP for HIV Prevention? An Analysis of Attitudes, Preferences and AcceptanceWheelock, A; Eisingerich, AB; Ananworanich, J; Gomez, GB; Hallett, TB, et al
18-Dec-2012One-Year Risk for Advanced Colorectal Neoplasia: US Versus UK Risk-Stratification GuidelinesMartinez, ME; Thompson, P; Messer, K; Ashbeck, EL; Lieberman, DA, et al
15-Apr-2015Balancing the interests of patient data protection and medication safety monitoring in a public-private partnership.Dreyer, NA; Blackburn, S; Hliva, V; Mt-Isa, S; Richardson, J, et al
1-Jun-2013Serum Iron Levels and the Risk of Parkinson Disease: A Mendelian Randomization StudyPichler, I; Del Greco, F; Goegele, M; Lill, CM; Bertram, L, et al
20-Jun-2017The association between serum uric acid and the incidence of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus: The Rotterdam StudyVan der Schaft, N; Brahimaj, A; Wen, K-X; Franco, OH; Dehghan, A