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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2019Setting priorities for EU healthcare workforce IT skills competence improvementLi, S; Bamidis, PD; Konstantinidis, ST; Traver, V; Car, J, et al
Nov-2019HIV testing and engagement with the HIV treatment cascade among men who have sex with men in Africa: A systematic review and meta-analysisStannah, J; Dale, E; Elmes, J; Staunton, R; Beyrer, C, et al
29-Jul-2019False-negative malaria rapid diagnostic test results and their impact on community-based malaria surveys in sub- Saharan AfricaWatson, O; Sumner, K; Janko, M; Goel, V; Winskill, P, et al
11-Oct-2019Genetic clustering analysis for HIV infection among men who have sex with men in Nigeria: implications for interventionLi, Y; Liu, H; Ramadhani, HO; Ndembi, N; Crowell, TA, et al
4-Oct-2019Prognostic models for outcome prediction in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: systematic review and critical appraisalBellou, V; Belbasis, L; Konstantinidis, AK; Tzoulaki, I; Evangelou, E
6-Jun-2019Safety and early efficacy outcomes for lentiviral fibroblast gene therapy in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosaLwin, SM; Syed, F; Di, W-L; Kadiyirire, T; Liu, L, et al
-An assessment of risk compensation and spillover behavioural adaptions associated with the use of vaccines in animal disease managementEnticott, G; Maye, D; Fisher, R; Brunton, L; Downs, SH, et al
-Household transitions to clean energy in a multi-provincial cohort study in ChinaCarter, E; Yan, L; Fu, Y; Robinson, B; Kelly, F, et al
Sep-2019Association of quality of paediatric epilepsy care with mortality and unplanned hospital admissions among children and young people with epilepsy in England: a national longitudinal data linkage studyHargreaves, DS; Arora, S; Viveiro, C; Hale, DR; Ward, JL, et al
27-Jul-2019Second opinion utilization by healthcare insurance type in a mixed private-public healthcare system: a population-based studyGreenfield, G