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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Apr-2008Protocol for SAMS (Support and Advice for Medication Study): A randomised controlled trial of an intervention to support patients with type 2 diabetes with adherence to medicationFarmer, AJ; Prevost, AT; Hardeman, W; Craven, A; Sutton, S, et al
12-May-2009The ADDITION-Cambridge trial protocol: a cluster-randomised controlled trial of screening for type 2 diabetes and intensive treatment for screen-detected patientsEchouffo-Tcheugui, JB; Simmons, RK; Williams, KM; Barling, RS; Prevost, AT, et al
28-Nov-2005DNA replication licensing and cell cycle kinetics of normal and neoplastic breastShetty, A; Loddo, M; Fanshawe, T; Prevost, AT; Sainsbury, R, et al
1-Aug-2019Primary care healthcare policy impelmentation in the eastern Mediterranean region; experience of six countries: part iiNashat, N; Et al; Quezada Yamamoto, H; Vn Wheel, C; Rawaf, S
1-Apr-2015A Comparison of cardiometabolic risk factors in households in rural Uganda with and without a resident with type 2 diabetes, 2012-2013Nielsen, J; Bahendeka, SK; Gregg, EW; Whyte, SR; Bygbjerg, IC, et al
1-Nov-2018High prevalence of triazole resistance in clinical Aspergillus fumigatus isolates in a specialist cardiothoracic centreAbdolrasouli, A; Scourfield, A; Rhodes, J; Shah, A; Elborn, JS, et al
5-Aug-2019Global patterns of avian influenza A(H7): virus evolution and zoonotic threatsNaguib, MM; Verhagen, JH; Mostafa, A; Wille, M; Li, R, et al
26-Jul-2019Staphylococcus aureus colonisation and acquisition of skin and soft tissue infection amongst Royal Marines recruits: A prospective cohort studyJauneikaite, E; Ferguson, T; Mosavie, M; Fallowfield, JL; Davey, T, et al
27-Jul-2019Second opinion utilization by healthcare insurance type in a mixed private-public healthcare system: a population-based studyGreenfield, G
1-Sep-2018Percentage of ingested sodium excreted in 24-hour urine collections: a systematic review and meta-analysisLucko, A; Doktorchik, C; Woodward, M; Cogswell, M; Neal, BC, et al