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24-Mar-2017A Low-Frequency Inactivating Akt2 Variant Enriched in the Finnish Population is Associated With Fasting Insulin Levels and Type 2 Diabetes Risk.Manning, A; Highland, HM; Gasser, J; Sim, X; Tukiainen, T, et al
1-Jun-2018Interplay between genetic predisposition, macronutrient intake and type 2 diabetes incidence: analysis within EPIC-InterAct across eight European countriesLi, SX; Imamura, F; Schulze, MB; Zheng, J; Ye, Z, et al
1-Jun-2014What Is the Most Bothersome Lower Urinary Tract Symptom ? Individual- and Population- level Perspectives for Both Men and WomenAgarwal, A; Eryuzlu, LN; Cartwright, R; Thorlund, K; Tammela, TLJ, et al
14-Mar-2015Familial Hypercholesterolemia: A Review of the Natural History, Diagnosis, and ManagementNajam, O; Ray, KK
27-Aug-2014Seven challenges in modeling vaccine preventable diseasesMetcalf, CJE; Andreasen, V; Bjornstad, ON; Eames, K; Edmunds, WJ, et al
29-Nov-2015It’s harder for boys? Children’s representations of their HIV/AIDS-affected peers in ZimbabweLeRoux-Rutledge, E; Guerlain, M; Andersen, L; Madanhire, C; Mutsikiwa, A, et al
6-Jul-2015Estimating T-cell repertoire diversity: limitations of classical estimators and a new approachAsquith, RE; Laydon, D; Bangham, C
-PBL case writing by students based on early years clinical attachments: a focus group evaluation of a novel approachIdowu, Y; Muir, E; Easton, G
30-Apr-2015Prevalence and management of familial hypercholesterolaemia in coronary patients: An analysis of EUROASPIRE IV, a study of the European Society of CardiologyDe Backer, G; Besseling, J; Chapman, J; Hovingh, GK; Kastelein, JJP, et al
12-Sep-2017Measuring progress and projecting attainment on the basis of past trends of the health-related Sustainable Development Goals in 188 countries: an analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016Fullman, N; Barbar, RM; Abajobir, AA; Et al; Rawaf, S, et al