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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jun-2016Participatory Data Collection for Ecosystem Services Research A Practitioner’s ManualSchreckenberg, K; Torres Vitolas, C; Willcock, S; Shackleton, C; Harvey, C, et al
19-Mar-2019Experiences and lessons in managing water from Cape TownParks, R; Mclaren, M; Toumi, R; Rivett, U
1-Nov-2015Bayesian nonparametric models for spatially indexed data of mixed typePapageorgiou, G; Richardson, S; Best, N
18-Feb-2015Antibiotic prescribing and behaviour change in healthcare settings: literature review and behavioural analysisPinder, RJ; Berry, D; Sallis, A; Chadborn, T
1-Oct-2016Estimating the risk of adverse birth outcomes in pregnant women undergoing non-obstetric surgery using routinely collected NHS data: an observational studyBalinskaite, V; Aylin, P; Bennett, P; Bottle, R; Brett, S, et al
30-Sep-2012Evaluation of a general practitioner-led urgent care centre in an urban setting: description of service model and plan of analysisGnani, S; Ladbrooke, T; Millington, H; Ramzan, F; Islam, AFMS, et al
1-Nov-2017Is whole-colon investigation by colonoscopy, computerised tomography colonography or barium enema necessary for all patients with colorectal cancer symptoms, and for which patients would flexible sigmoidoscopy suffice? A retrospective cohort study.Atkin, W; Wooldrage, K; Shah, U; Skinner, K; Brown, JP, et al
4-Mar-2019Lightmasks that prevent dark adaptation for non-central diabetic macular oedema: the CLEOPATRA RCTSivaprasad, S; Vasconcelos, J; Holmes, H; Murphy, C; Kelly, J, et al