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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jun-2015Effects of diabetes definition on global surveillance of diabetes prevalence and diagnosis: a pooled analysis of 96 population-based studies with 331 288 participantsEzzati, M; Danaei, G; Fahimi, S; Lu, Y; Zhou, B, et al
1-Apr-2013Onchocerciasis: the pre-control association between prevalence of palpable nodules and skin microfilariaeCoffeng, LE; Pion, SDS; O'Hanlon, S; Cousens, S; Abiose, AO, et al
22-Feb-2016Wealth Differentials in the Impact of Conditional and Unconditional Cash Transfers on Education: Findings from a Community-Randomised Controlled Trial in ZimbabweGregson, S; Fenton, R; Nyamukapa, C; Robertson, L; Mushati, P, et al
8-Feb-2016Historic air pollution exposure and long-term mortality risks in England and Wales: prospective longitudinal cohort studyHansell, A; Ghosh, RE; Blangiardo, M; Perkins, C; Vienneau, D, et al
27-Jan-2016New approaches to measuring anthelminthic drug efficacy: parasitological responses of childhood schistosome infections to treatment with praziquantelWalker, M; Mabud, T; Olliaro, PL; Coulibaly, JT; King, CH, et al
1-Mar-2016A method to estimate the size and characteristics of HIV-positive populations using an individual-based stochastic simulation modelNakagawa, F; Van Sighem, A; Thiebaut, R; Smith, C; Ratmann, O, et al
5-Feb-2016Estimation of the basic reproductive number and mean serial interval of a novel pathogen in a small, well-observed discrete populationRiley, S; Wu, KM;
8-Dec-2015Mathematical modeling of the West Africa Ebola epidemicChretien, J-P; Riley, S; George, DB; , et al
20-Jan-2016Can Schools Support HIV/AIDS-Affected Children? Exploring the 'Ethic of Care' amongst Rural Zimbabwean TeachersCampbell, C; Andersen, L; Mutsikiwa, A; Madanhire, C; Nyamukapa, C, et al
8-Apr-2016High concentrations of sodium in drinking water and raised blood pressure in coastal deltas affected by episodic seawater inundationsScheelbeek, PFD; Chowdhury, MAH; Haines, A; Alam, A; Hoque, MA, et al