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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Apr-2015Urinary metabolic signatures of human adiposityElliott, P; Posma, JM; Chan, Q; Garcia-Perez, I; Wijeyesekera, A, et al
22-Jan-2015The Impact of Eating Frequency and Time of Intake on Nutrient Quality and Body Mass Index: The INTERMAP Study, a Population-Based StudyAljuraiban, GS; Chan, Q; Oude Griep, L; Brown, IJ; Daviglus, ML, et al
3-Nov-2015Data supporting "Dispersion of the HIV-1 Epidemic in Men Who Have Sex with Men in the Netherlands: A Combined Mathematical Model and Phylogenetic Analysis"Bezemer, D; Cori, A; Ratmann, O; Van Sighem, A; Hermanides, HS, et al
18-Dec-2015An Update on Nutrients and Blood Pressure.Chan, Q; Stamler, J; Griep, LM; Daviglus, ML; Horn, LV, et al
2-Dec-2015The role of rapid diagnostics in managing Ebola epidemicsNouvellet, P; Garske, T; Mills, HL; Nedjati-Gilani, G; Hinsley, W, et al
8-Dec-2015Mathematical modeling of the West Africa Ebola epidemicChretien, J-P; Riley, S; George, DB; , et al
1-Apr-2018Recruitment of female sex workers in HIV prevention trials: can efficacy endpoints be reached more efficiently?Wood, DT; Kathryn, L; Boily, MC; Donnell, DJ; Cohen, M, et al
27-Mar-2018In what circumstances could non-daily pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV substantially reduce program costs?Mitchell, K; Dimitrov, D; Hughes, J; Xia, F; Donnell, D, et al
6-Dec-2017The persistence of multiple strains of avian influenza in live bird markets.Pinsent, A; Pepin, KM; Zhu, H; Guan, Y; White, MT, et al
5-Mar-2018Relation of dietary sodium (salt) to blood pressure and Its possible modulation by other dietary factors: the INTERMAP studyStamler, J; Chan, Q; Daviglus, M; Dyer, A; Van Horn, L, et al