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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2017Joint estimation of CD4+ cell progression and survival in untreated individuals with HIV-1 infection.Mangal, TD; UNAIDS Working Group on CD4 Progression and Mortality Amongst HIV Seroconverters including the CASCADE Collaboration in EuroCoord; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; UNAIDS
23-Aug-2017Changes in the intestinal microbiota following the administration of azithromycin in a randomised placebo-controlled trial among infants in south IndiaParker, EPK; Praharaj, I; John, J; Kaliappan, SP; Kampmann, B, et al
28-Feb-2017Spatial patterns of HIV prevalence and Service Use in East Zimbabwe: implications for future targeting of interventionsSchaefer, R; Gregson, S; Takaruza, A; Rhead, R; Masoka, T, et al
29-Aug-2017Modelling the drivers of the spread of Plasmodium falciparum hrp2 gene deletions in sub-Saharan AfricaWatson, O; Slater, HC; Verity, R; Parr, JB; Mwandagalirwa, MK, et al
24-Jan-2017Modelling the cost-effectiveness of introducing the RTS,S malaria vaccine relative to scaling up other malaria interventions in sub-Saharan AfricaWinskill, P; Walker, P; Griffin, J; Ghani, A; PATH-Program for Appropriate Technology in Health, et al
1-Apr-2017Estimating tuberculosis incidence from primary survey data: a mathematical modeling approachPandey, S; Chadha, VK; Laxminarayan, R; Arinaminpathy, N; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation