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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jul-2001Underuse of Coronary Revascularization ProceduresRay, KK; Sheridan, PJ; Chan,, KH
1-Mar-2006Genetic analysis of the capsular biosynthetic locus from all 90 pneumococcal serotypesBentley, SD; Aanensen, DM; Mavroidi, A; Saunders, D; Rabbinowitsch, E, et al
7-Mar-2005Fuzzy species among recombinogenic bacteriaHanage, WP; Fraser, C; Spratt, BG
12-Apr-2007Assessing the reliability of eBURST using simulated populations with known ancestryTurner, KME; Hanage, WP; Fraser, C; Connor, TR; Spratt, BG
29-Nov-2006Modelling bacterial speciationHanage, WP; Spratt, BG; Turner, KME; Fraser, C
26-Jan-2009Assigning strains to bacterial species via the internetBishop, CJ; Aanensen, DM; Jordan, GE; Kilian, M; Hanage, WP, et al
29-Nov-2006Sequences, sequence clusters and bacterial speciesHanage, WP; Fraser, C; Spratt, BG
16-Sep-2009EpiCollect: linking smartphones to web applications for epidemiology, ecology and community data collectionAanensen, DM; Huntley, DM; Feil, EJ; Al-Own, F; Spratt, BG
1-Sep-2009Predicting Phenotype and Emerging Strains among Chlamydia trachomatis InfectionsDean, D; Bruno, WJ; Wan, R; Gomes, JP; Devignot, S, et al
29-Jul-2009Genetic polymorphisms of the GNRH1 and GNRHR genes and risk of breast cancer in the National Cancer Institute Breast and Prostate Cancer Cohort Consortium (BPC3)Canzian, F; Kaaks, R; Cox, DG; Henderson, KD; Henderson, BE, et al