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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jul-2018KIM-1 as a blood-based marker for early detection of kidney cancer: a prospective nested case-control studyScelo, G; Muller, DC; Riboli, E; Johansson, M; Cross, A, et al
18-Oct-2018Haem iron intake and risk of lung cancer in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) cohortWard, HA; Whitman, J; Muller, DC; Johansson, M; Jakszyn, P, et al
11-Dec-2017Ovarian cancer early detection by circulating CA125 in the context of anti-CA125 autoantibody levels: results from the EPIC cohortFortner, RT; Schock, H; Le Cornet, C; Hüsing, A; Vitonis, AF, et al
11-Oct-2018Assessment of lung cancer risk based on a biomarker panel of circulating proteinsGuida, F; Sun, N; Bantis, L; Muller, DC; Li, P, et al
15-Jul-2018Prospective evaluation of antibody response to Streptococcus gallolyticus and risk of colorectal cancerButt, J; Jenab, M; Willhauck-Fleckenstein, M; Michel, A; Pawlita, M, et al
1-Feb-2018Tumor-associated autoantibodies as early detection markers for ovarian cancer? A prospective evaluation.Kaaks, R; Fortner, RT; Hüsing, A; Barrdahl, M; Hopper, M, et al
9-Nov-2018Association of plasma vitamin D metabolites with incident type 2 diabetes: EPIC-InterAct case-cohort studyZheng, J-S; Imamura, F; Sharp, SJ; Van der Schouw, YT; Sluijs, I, et al
1-Jan-2019A collaborative analysis of individual participant data from 19 prospective studies assesses circulating vitamin D and prostate cancer riskTravis, RC; Perez-Cornago, A; Appleby, PN; Albanes, D; Joshu, CE, et al
1-Feb-2019Methodological issues in a prospective study on plasma concentrations of persistent organic pollutants and pancreatic cancer risk within the EPIC cohortGasull, M; Pumarega, J; Kiviranta, H; Rantakokko, P; Raaschou-Nielsen, O, et al