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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Development of translaminar fracture toughness testing methods for composite materialsPinho, Silvestre; Robinson, Paul; Iannucci, Lorenzo; Laffan, Matthew John; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council ; Rolls-Royce Group plc
2011Design Synthesis of Advanced Technology, Flying Wing SeaplanesSerghides, Varnavas; Levis, Errikos
2011Geodesic shooting for anatomical curve registration on the planeCotter, Colin; Peiro, Joaquim; Clark, Allan
Oct-2011High Rate Fracture Toughness Measurement of Laminated CompositesPinho, Silvestre; Ianucci, Lorenzo; Robinson, Paul; Curtis, Paul; McCarroll, Catherine Anne, et al
2011Numerical study of turbulent flow in eccentric annular pipeChernyshenko, Sergei; Wang, Hengliang; EPSRC
2011A discontinuous Galerkin method for the solution of compressible flowsPeiró, Joaquim; Biotto, Cristian
May-2011Turbulent Friction Drag Reduction Using Electroactive Polymer SurfacesMorrison, Jonathan; Gouder, Kevin; QinetiQ, Airbus, EPSRC
2011The Influence of the Body on the Response of the Helmeted Head during ImpactGalvanetto, Ugo; Iannucci, Lorenzo; Ghajari, Mazdak; Marie Curie fellowship
2011Prandtl-Batchelor theorem for three-dimensional flows slowly varying in one direction and its application to vortex breakdownChernyshenko, Sergei; Sandoval Espinoza, Mario; CONACYT (National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico)
2011Experimental Study of Free Surface Mixing in Vortical and Chaotic FlowsRossi, Lionel; Vassilicos, Christos; Garcia de la Cruz Lopez, Juan Marcos; EPSRC