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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2018Development of a potential panel code for unsteady modelling of 2D airfoils in practical applications of large wind turbinesPalacios, Rafael; Graham, Michael; Gonzalez Salcedo, Alvaro; National Renewable Energy Centre
Feb-2018Construction of optimal background fields using semidefinite programmingWynn, Andrew; Fantuzzi, Giovanni; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Jan-2018Bio-inspired micro-structural design for CFRP: exploring damage mechanisms of nacrePinho, Silvestre; Narducci, Federico; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Apr-2018Boundary element methods for cohesive thermo-mechanical damage and micro-cracking evolutionAliabadi, Mohammad; Geraci, Giorgio
Apr-2018Turbulent drag reduction by oblique wavy wall undulationsChernyshenko, Sergei; Leschziner, Michael; Ghebali, Sacha; Innovate UK; Airbus Industrie
Jan-2018Experimental investigation of wake development and mixing behind a multi-scale array of barsBruce, Paul; Buxton, Oliver; Baj, Paweł
Oct-2018Design optimisation of controlled aeroelastic aerofoils and wingsWynn, Andrew; Palacios, Rafael; Broughton-Venner, Jacob James; United States. Air Force. Office of Scientific Research; United States. Air Force. European Office of Aerospace Research and Development
Nov-2018The impact behaviour of high performance fibre compositesIannucci, Lorenzo; Greenhalgh, Emile; Syed Abdullah, Syed Idros Bin
Jan-2018Cellulose nanopaper as reinforcement for sustainable polymer compositesLee, Koon-Yang; Hervy, Martin; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Oct-2018Manufacturing, testing, modelling and fractography of thermoplastic composites for the automotive industryIannucci, Lorenzo; Greenhalgh, Emile; Mohsin, Muhammad; Majlis Amanah Rakyat; UK-DATACOMP, et al