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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2016Control of flow around an aerofoil at low Reynolds numbers using periodic surface morphingPapadakis, George; Jones, Gareth; Imperial College London
Mar-2016Energy-efficient optimal control for real-time computing systemsKerrigan, Eric; Thammawichai, Mason; Thailand
May-2016Blockage tolerant wind tunnel testing of aerofoils at angles of incidence from 0 to 360 degrees, with respect to the self-start of vertical-axis wind turbinesPeiro, Joaquim; Rainbird, John; Environmental Services Association Education Trust
Sep-2016Boundary layer receptivity to freestream disturbancesMorrison, Jonathan; Bosworth, Richard; LFC-UK
Sep-2016Adaptive structures for the control of cellular separationMorrison, Jonathan; Santer, Matthew; Garland, Michael; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
May-2016Three-dimensional discontinuous spectral/hp element methods for compressible flowsSherwin, Spencer; De Grazia, Daniele; Airbus Industrie; EADS Innovation Works; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
May-2016Carbon nanoparticle reinforced polymer compositesLi, Qianqian; Greenhalgh, Emile; Shaffer, Milo; Wu, Hao
Aug-2016Mesh adaptation strategies for compressible flows using a high-order spectral/hp element discretisationPeiró, Joaquim; Ekelschot, Dirk; European Commission
Nov-2016Sloshing simulations with the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) methodPeiro, Joaquim; Green, Mashy David; European Space Agency
Oct-2016Multidirectional near-wall flow in arteries and its spatial correlation with atherosclerosisSherwin, Spencer; Weinberg, Peter; Vincent, Peter; Mohamied, Yumnah; British Heart Foundation