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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Understanding and modelling failure of laminated compositesRobinson, Paul; Pinho, Silvestre; Gutkin, Renaud;
2010Critical points in two-dimensional stationary homogeneous isotropic turbulenceVassilicos, John Christos; Faber, Tristan Friedrich
2010Uninhabited aircraft design optimised for close formation air-refuelling flightSerghides, Varnavas; Nilsuwan, Sma
2010Numerical Simulations of Vortex-Induced Vibrations in Marine Riser Pipes and Circular CylindersWillden, Richard; McSherry, Richard James;
2010Spatiotemporal properties of multiscale two-dimensional owsVassilicos, John Christos; Priego Wood, Martin;
2010Multiscale structure of turbulent channel flow and polymer, dynamics in viscoelastic turbulenceHewitt, Geoffrey; Vassilicos, John Christos; Dallas, Vassilios
2010Boundary Element Method for Fast Solution of Acoustic Problems: Active and Passive Noise ControlAliabadi, Ferri; Brancati, Alessandro;
2010Probabilistic fracture mechanics by boundary element methodAliabadi, Ferri; Huang, Xiyong
2010Prohibited Volume Avoidance for AircraftGoulart, Paul; Serghides, Varnavas; Patel, Rushen Bhikhubhai;
2010Vortex Instability and Transient GrowthSherwin, Spencer; Mao, Xuerui;