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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2017Linear mechanisms and pressure fluctuations in wall turbulence with passivity-based linear feedback controlMorrison, Jonathan; Septham, Kamthon;
Sep-2017A coupled adjoint method for optimal design in fluid-structure interaction problems with large displacementsPalacios, Rafael; Sanchez Fernandez, Ruben;
Sep-2017An experimental study of the vortex-induced vibration of a slender box-girder bridge deck sectionMorrison, Jonathan; Graham, Michael; Al-Zubaidi, Jumana
May-2017Structural health monitoring of composite laminates under operational conditions using piezoelectric transducersAliabadi, Ferri; Sharif Khodaei, Zahra; Salmanpour, Mohammad Saleh;
Oct-2017A data-driven uncertainty quantification method for scarce data and rare eventsMontomoli, Francesco; Ahlfeld, Richard Benedikt Heinrich;
Sep-2016Adaptive structures for the control of cellular separationMorrison, Jonathan; Santer, Matthew; Garland, Michael;
Oct-2016Multidirectional near-wall flow in arteries and its spatial correlation with atherosclerosisSherwin, Spencer; Weinberg, Peter; Vincent, Peter; Mohamied, Yumnah;
Nov-2016Sloshing simulations with the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) methodPeiro, Joaquim; Green, Mashy David;
Sep-2016Unsteadiness of shock wave boundary layer interactions across multiple interaction configurations and strengthsBruce, Paul; Threadgill, James;
Sep-2016Adaptive shock control bumpsBruce, Paul; Santer, Matthew; Jinks, Edward