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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Adaptive multistable flexible composite structuresSanter, Matthew; Cui, Yuefeng
Feb-2015Aeroelastic modelling and control of very flexible air vehicles using a nonlinear modal formulationPalacios, Rafael; Wynn, Andrew; Wang, Yinan;
Apr-2015Modelling and control of combustion instabilities with anchored laminar ducted flamesMorgans, Aimee; Luzzato, Charles Michael Angelo;
Aug-2015Steady-state solvers for stability analysis of vortex dominated flowsCotter, Colin; Sherwin, Spencer; Jordi, Bastien;
Sep-2015Development of a multi-physics molecular dynamics finite element method for the virtual engineering design of nano-structuresPinho, Silvestre Taveira; Wilmes, Andre Antoine Renaud;