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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2013Bayesian biclustering algorithms and their application to gene expression dataFowler, Anna
Dec-2016Bayesian change point models for regime detection in stochastic processes with applications in cyber securityBolton, Alexander
25-Aug-2006Bayesian inference for mixture models via monte carlo computationJasra, Ajay
29-Aug-2006Bayesian inference for volatility models in financial time seriesSurapaitoolkorn, Wantanee
Jun-2013Bayesian latent variable models with applicationsO'Sullivan, Aidan Michael
22-Jan-2007Bayesian nonparametric adaptive methods for ogive curve fitting and related problemsHeard, Nicholas
19-Apr-2007Behaviour of a conducting drop in a viscous fluid subject to an electric fieldDubash, Neville
Nov-2014Boundary singularities of functions in symplectic and volume-preserving geometryKourliouros, Konstantinos
Apr-2015The Breuil-Mézard conjecture when l is not equal to pShotton, Jack
Mar-2013Classicality of overconvergent automorphic forms on some Shimura varietiesJohansson, Hans Christian
Jan-2012Classification and Anomaly Detection for Astronomical DatasetsHenrion, Marc Yves Romain
Dec-2016Clustering time series data by analysing graphical models of connectivity and the application to diagnosis of brain disordersWolstenholme, Robert
Aug-2014Coherent chaos interest rate models and the wick calculus in financeHadjipetri, Stala
Oct-2015Compatible finite element methods for atmospheric dynamical coresMcRae, Andrew Timothy Tang
Jul-2014Compensators and diffusion approximation of point processes and applicationsDong, Xin
Nov-2016A complexity evolutionary theory for the emergence of financial and economic crises: Synchronising Gould and Minsky through von Neumann and MandelbrotViegas, Eduardo
2012Composite Stacked Organic Semiconductors: Materials and Processing Towards Large Area Organic ElectronicsYu, Liyang
19-Apr-2007Compromised spin systems and random matrix theoryCederström, Agneta
Feb-2013Computational Study of the Stability of Annular Couette-Poiseuille Flow to Axisymmetric Travelling Wave PerturbationsWong, Andrew Wen Hao
Sep-2015A consistent framework for valuation under collateralization, credit risk and funding costsLiu, Qing
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 257
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