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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015Abelian profinite groups and the discontinuous isomorphism problemKiehlmann, Jonathan
Sep-2014Adaptive estimation with change detection for streaming dataBodenham, Dean
Nov-2010Adaptive Regression Methods with Application to Streaming Financial DataTsagaris, Theodoros
Aug-2014All-scale structural analysis of biomolecules through dynamical graph partitioningDelmotte, Antoine Pierre Valere
Sep-2018Alternative compactifications in low genus Gromov-Witten theoryBattistella, Luca
Sep-2015Analysing and forecasting transitions in complex systemsPiovani, Duccio
Jul-2015Analysis of stability and viscous-inviscid interaction in compressible boundary layersde Cointet, Thomas
Dec-2013Anomaly Detection in Dynamic NetworksTurcotte, Melissa
May-2011An Application of Malliavin Calculus to Hedging Exotic Barrier OptionsLi, Hongyun
May-2016Applications of almgren-pitts min-max theorySarquis Aiex Marini Ferreira, Nicolau
Mar-2016Applications of mirror symmetry to the classification of Fano varietiesPrince, Thomas
Jul-2018Aspects of stability of the toroidal AdS Schwarzschild black holeDunn, Jake William
Sep-2016Asset allocation and portfolio optimization with small transaction costsLiu, Cong
2011Asymptotic Analysis for Markovian models in non-equilibrium Statistical MechanicsOttobre, Michela
Oct-2016Asymptotic analysis of array-guided wavesMaling, Ben
May-2018Asymptotic analysis of discrete and continuous periodic mediaVanel, Alice
Nov-2017Asymptotic analysis of new stochastic volatility modelsShi, Fangwei
29-Aug-2006Asymptotic approach to aeroacousticsWinkrantz Hogg, Linda
Jul-2015Asymptotically conical Ricci-flat Kahler metrics with cone singularitiesde Borbon, Gonzalo Martin
Jun-2016Asymptotics of forward implied volatilityRoome, Patrick
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 295
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