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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2016Dehn surgery and Heegaard Floer homologyBuck, Dorothy; Gainullin, Fjodor; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Jul-2015Mutations of Laurent polynomials and lattice polytopesCoates, Tom; Corti, Alessio; Kasprzyk, Alexander; Akhtar, Mohammad Ehtisham
Jun-2013Gauge theory on G2–manifoldsDonaldson, Simon; Walpuski, Thomas; Imperial College London ; European Research Council
Oct-2016Using surrogate distributions to improve the convergence properties of gibbs-type samplersvan Dyk, David; Jiao, Xiyun
Mar-2015Theory and applications to elastic wave sensors for interpretation of material properties by remote sensing methodsAtkinson, Colin; Hill, Jonathan
Jul-2015Phenotypic variability, cell size and population fitnessShahrezaei, Vahid; Crotti, Pablo; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Imperial College London
Mar-2017Geometric deformations of integrable systems and beyondHolm, Darryl; Arnaudon, Alexis
Aug-2014All-scale structural analysis of biomolecules through dynamical graph partitioningBarahona, Mauricio; Yaliraki, Sophia N; Delmotte, Antoine Pierre Valere; British Heart Foundation; Wallonie-Bruxelles International
Jul-2016Semiclassical phase-space methods for Hermitian and non-Hermitian quantum dynamicsGraefe, Eva-Maria; Parry, Andrew; Rush, Alexander; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Oct-2016Limit theorems and stochastic models for dependence and contagion in financial marketsVeraart, Almut; Crisan, Dan; Granelli, Andrea; Imperial College London