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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Triangle groups and finite simple groupsLiebeck, Martin; Marion, Claude Miguel Emmanuel; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Oct-2008Trapped modes in non-uniform elastic waveguides: asymptotic and numerical methodsCraster, Richard; Postnova, Julia A; ORSAS
Oct-2009Numerical Algorithms for Homoclinic OrbitsMoore, Gerald; Cash, Jeff; Girdlestone, Stephen
2009Markov chains and the pricing of derivativesMijatovic, Aleksandar; Lo, Harry Chung Heng
Aug-2009Liquidity risk and its measurement: modelling, analysis and computationZheng, Harry; Capper, Yukun; Institute of Mathematical Sciences ; Department of Mathematics
30-Jul-2007A study of finite gap solutions to the nonlinear Schrödinger equationElgin, John; Warren, Oliver H
Jun-2008The Nonlocal Model of Short-Range WettingParry, Andrew; Jensen, Henrik; Bernardino, Nelson Fernando Rei; Funda¸c˜ao para a Ciˆencia e Tecnologia,
Apr-2008Modelling protein localisation and positional information in subcellular systemsHoward, Martin; Tostevin, Filipe John; EPSRC.
Jun-2008Modelling Gene Regulatory NetworksStumpf, Michael; Stark, Jaroslav; Ingram, Piers J.; Wellcome Trust
2008The A∞ Deformation Theory of a Point and the Derived Categories of Local Calabi-YausThomas, Richard; Segal, Edward Paul