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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Ab initio studies of defect concentrations and diffusion in metal oxidesFrensch, Kilian
Sep-2014Absorption spectral imaging in the mid-infrared and its application in cancer diagnosisDrummond, Laurence Alexander
May-2013The action of a casual setBenincasa, Dionigi Maria Teofilo
Oct-2015Active and Merging GalaxiesScott, Caroline
Jan-2016Advanced laser sources for industrial processing and remote sensingTeppitaksak, Achaya
2012Advanced statistical methods for astrophysical probes of cosmologyMarch, Marisa Cristina
Jan-2012Advancements in Mode-Locked Fibre Lasers and Fibre SupercontinuaKelleher, Edmund J. R.
Dec-2016Advances in chiral lasers and transformation theoryTopf, Rene
Oct-2017Advances In optical projection tomographyWatson, Thomas
Jun-2014Advances in spacecraft magnetic cleanliness verifcation and magnetometer zero offset determination in anticipation of the solar orbiter missionPudney, Maxsim
Oct-2013All-fibre wavelength versatile short pulsed laser sourcesSchmidt Castellani, Carlos Eduardo
Aug-2016Alternative theories in quantum foundationsRanchin, Andre
Aug-2011Ambipolar Organic Transistors for Opto-Electronic ApplicationsLabram, John Graham
Dec-2012Analysing Gain for Organic Laser ApplicationsMcGurk, John
Jul-2013Analysis of outgoing longwave radiation (OLR) in different timescales over Africa and Atlantic OceanChan, Kwun Pan
Jun-2012An Analysis of the Hydrological Cycle and Poleward Heat Transports Simulated by Two Climate ModelsDancel, Christopher Marlon
Jun-2013The angular analysis of the B0 to K*0μ+μ- decay at LHCbParkinson, Christopher
Jan-2011Anisotropy of Solar Wind TurbulenceChen, Christopher H. K.
Dec-2014Aperture correlation microscopyFafchamps, Lionel
Jun-2014Apparatus design and experimental studies of XUV initiated HHGHutchinson, Simon