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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2016Nanometrology for controlling and probing organic semiconductors and devicesKim, Ji-Seon; Wade, Jessica Alice Feinmann;
Nov-2014Nanopatterning and Nanoscale Characterisation of Solution-Processible ElectronicsAnthopoulos, Thomas; Stavrinou, Paul; Shaw, Joseph;
Apr-2014Nanoplasmonic surface structures for integrated photonicsHess, Ortwin; Davies, Paul Michael Zeph
Dec-2019Nanoplasmonics & opto-electronicsOulton, Rupert; Maier, Stefan; Gusken, Nicholas
Mar-2018Nanoscale large-area opto/electronics via adhesion lithographyAnthopoulos, Thomas; de Mello, John; Wyatt-Moon, Gwenhivir;
Nov-2015Nanoscale structures for tunable and low-loss resonatorsMaier, Stefan; Chen, Yiguo
2012The Nature and Evolution of Far-Infrared Luminous GalaxiesClements, Dave; Patel, Harsit
Aug-2018The nature and evolution of high redshift dusty star forming galaxiesClements, Dave; Greenslade, Joshua;
Oct-2015The near-Saturn magnetic field environmentDougherty, Michele; Sulaiman, Ali Haidar;
Oct-2013The neuroscience of musical creativity using complexity toolsChristensen, Kim; Jensen, Henrik; Rahman, Shama Sarwat;
Jun-2012Neutrino Induced Charged Current π+ Production at the T2K Near DetectorAndreopoulos, Costas; Uchida, Yoshi; Dobson, James Edward Young
Jun-2012New Bias Correction Methods for Simulating Precipitation and RunoToumi, Ralf; White, Rachel Helen;
Jan-2014New frequencies and geometries for plasmonics and metamaterialsMaier, Stefan; Francescato, Yan;
May-2015A New Gauge/Gravity Dictionary via the Division AlgebrasDuff, Michael; Nagy, Silvia;
Sep-2016New instrumentation and methods for ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopyTisch, John W G; Frasinski, Leszek J; Walke, Daniel John
Oct-2013New materials, regimes and applications of fibre laser technologyTaylor, James Roy; Zhang, Meng;
May-2013A new measurement of the electron electric dipole moment using ytterbium fluorideHudson, Jony; Sauer, Ben; Smallman, Ian Joseph
Sep-2013New Physics with Cold Molecules : Precise Microwave Spectroscopy of CH and the Development of a Microwave TrapTarbutt, Michael; Truppe, Stefan;
Aug-2016New processing techniques for large-area electronicsAnthopoulos, Thomas; Yoon, Minho
Jun-2011New Techniques for the Measurement of Second and Third Generation PhotovoltaicsBarnham, Keith; Chatten, Amanda; Kenny, Robert; Pravettoni, Mauro;