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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2017Dissection of the molecular determinants and pathways involved in Hepatitis B virus (HBV) entry into hepatocytesDorner, Marcus; O'Hare, Peter; Thursz, Mark; Evripioti, Antonia Alexandra; Imperial College London
Sep-2017Metabolic profiling in cholangiocarcinomaHolmes, Elaine; Taylor-Robinson, Simon; Nicholson, Jeremy; Alsaleh, Munira; Imperial College London, et al
Sep-2017Worldwide trends in blood pressure and diabetesEzzati, Majid; Zhou, Bin; Imperial College London; Wellcome Trust (London, England); AstraZeneca (Firm)
Oct-2017Novel biomarkers of renal transplant failure/dysfunction via spectroscopic phenotypingNicholson, Jeremy; Hakim, Nadey; Payne, Thomas; Imperial College London
Sep-2017Development of spatially – resolved lipidomic methods for cancer diagnosticsTakats, Zoltan; Veselkov, Kirill; Nicholson, Jeremy; Doria, Maria Luísa; Imperial College London
Jun-2017Understanding the potential mechanisms of action of dietary prostate carcinogensGooderham, Professor Nigel J; Graham, Oliver William; Imperial College London
Sep-2017Identifying quality in the delivery of emergency general surgeryDarzi, Ara; Arora, Sonal; Burns, Elaine; Faiz, Omar; Chana, Prem, et al
Nov-2017Preoperative pathway errors in elective aortic surgery and the role of collaborative planning technologyBicknell, Colin; Riga, Celia; Godfrey, Anthony; National Institute for Health Research (Great Britain); Imperial College London
Sep-2017Metabolic profiling of the early pregnancy journeyBennett, Phillip; Holmes, Elaine; Nicholson, Jeremy; Georgakopoulou, Nancy; Imperial College London, et al
Jun-2017The effects of dietary interventions on metabolic flexibilityFrost, Gary; Lim, Chong; Imperial College London