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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2013The role of the sister chromatid during repair of a DNA double-strand breakAragon, Luis; Patel, Amit; Medical Research Council (Great Britain); Imperial College London; National Institute for Health Research (Great Britain), et al
Jul-2013Development and Investigation of a rabbit model of tuberculosis tissue destructionElkington, Paul; Friedland, Jon; Kubler, Andre; Imperial College London; National Institutes of Health, et al
Oct-2013Development of carbamate modified PEI for delivery of a granzyme B inhibitor gene to protect against cytotoxic lymphocyte killingAshton-Rickardt, Philip; Cheng, Wei; Singapore. Agency for Science, Technology and Research; Imperial College London
Jun-2013Ultrasound studies of caesarean section scar in pregnancyMcIndoe, Angus; Ghaem-Maghami, Sadaf; Bourne, Tom; Naji, Osama; Imperial College London
May-2013Differential microglial activation in neurodegenerative diseasesGentleman, Stephen; Pey, Peixuan; Imperial College London; National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
Dec-2013Role of FOXM1 in ovarian cancer tumorigenesis and chemoresistanceLam, Eric W-F; Zhao, Fung; Imperial College London; University of Hong Kong