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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2015Nrg4 and Gpr120 signalling in brown fatHanyaloglu, Aylin C.; Parker, Malcolm G.; Okolo, Anthony; Education Trust Fund (Nigeria); Imperial College London
Oct-2016Metabolic signatures of sepsis in critical care: an individualised approach to diagnosis and managementGordon, Anthony; Brett, Stephen; Li, Jia; McLymont, Natalie; Imperial College London, et al
Jul-2017Dissection of the molecular determinants and pathways involved in Hepatitis B virus (HBV) entry into hepatocytesDorner, Marcus; O'Hare, Peter; Thursz, Mark; Evripioti, Antonia Alexandra; Imperial College London
May-2018Spatiotemporal esolution of global protein synthesis during herpes simplex virus infection using bioorthogonal precursors and click chemistryO'Hare, Peter; Sancho Medina, Ana; Teo, Su Hui Catherine; Imperial College London
Sep-2017Metabolic profiling in cholangiocarcinomaHolmes, Elaine; Taylor-Robinson, Simon; Nicholson, Jeremy; Alsaleh, Munira; Imperial College London, et al
Sep-2017Worldwide trends in blood pressure and diabetesEzzati, Majid; Zhou, Bin; Imperial College London; Wellcome Trust (London, England); AstraZeneca (Firm)
Apr-2018Gut microbial-host metabolic interactions following bariatric surgeryLi, Jia; Marchesi, Julian; Nicholson, Jeremy; Phetcharaburanin, Jutarop; Imperial College London, et al
Sep-2016Reward and dopaminergic modulation of attentional deficits in the neglect syndromeMalhotra, Paresh; Wise, Richard; Li, Korina; Imperial College London
Sep-2016Phytochrome-based fluorophores: sensitive tools for heme detection and in vivo imaging in bacterial pathogensUlijasz, Andrew; Holden, David; Mullineaux Sanders, Caroline Elizabeth; Imperial College London
Oct-2017Novel biomarkers of renal transplant failure/dysfunction via spectroscopic phenotypingNicholson, Jeremy; Hakim, Nadey; Payne, Thomas; Imperial College London