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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2014The effect of collaborative networks on healthcare research performanceAthanasiou, Thanos; Darzi, Ara; Patel, Vanash
Jul-2015The neuroprotective and behavioural effects of group III metabotropic glutamate receptor ligands in rodent models of Parkinson’s diseaseDexter, David; Williams, Claire;
Nov-2015Discovery of novel genes and genetic regulatory mechanisms through integrative genomic, epigenetic and transcriptional analysis in human pancreatic islet cellsFerrer, Jorge; Moran Castany, Ignasi
Jul-2015Metabolic signatures of pneumonia in critical care: a paradigm shift in diagnosis and therapeutic monitoringGordon, Anthony; Takata, Masao; Hanna, George; Antcliffe, David;
Sep-2014Studies in pre-existing heart disease and pregnancyJohnson, Mark; Curry, Ruth
Aug-2015Haematopoietic stem cell mobilization and re-arrangement of immune cell subsets following therapeutic alpha 4-integrin blockade in multiple sclerosis: functional relevance, clinical correlations and applicationsMuraro, Paolo; Mattoscio, Miriam;
Oct-2015Glucagon and GLP-1 receptor dual agonism: a therapeutic approach for the treatment of obesityBloom, Stephen; Cegla, Jaimini;
Aug-2015The anthropometric, environmental and genetic determinants of right ventricular structure and functionWilkins, Martin; O'Regan, Declan; Cook, Stuart; Dawes, Timothy;
Jul-2015Clinical evaluation of a novel close-loop insulin delivery system in type 1 diabetesOliver, Nick; Johnston, Desmond; Reddy, Monika;
Jul-2015Epigenetic control of the post-bariatric phenotype: the role of microRNAsGooderham, Nigel; Ashrafian, Hutan; Alkandari, Abdullah;