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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015The role of emerin in the pathogenesis of sporadic inclusion body myositisRoncaroli, Federico; Turkheimer, Federico; Marini Bettolo, Chiara
Apr-2016The effect of increased colonic propionate production on appetite regulation and energy homeostasis in humansFrost, Gary; Chambers, Edward; Alhabeeb, Habeeb Ali S
May-2015The role of activated microglia in multiple sclerosis and clinically isolated syndromes: neuroimaging studiesNicholas, Richard; Piccini, Paola; Giannetti, Paolo;
Apr-2015Development of a deep vein valve replacementDavies, Alun; Stevens, Molly; Xu, Yun; Moore, Hayley; , et al
Jul-2014Relevance of brain linear measurements in neonatal careEdwards, David Anthony; Azzopardi, Denis; Nongena, Pumza;
Oct-2014The modulation of human Dendritic Cells by Glucagon like peptide-2Gabe, Simon; Knight, Stella; Omar, Hafid; Tee, Cheng Tai
Feb-2015Triglyceride-rich lipoproteins influence monocyte and macrophage homeostasis and exacerbate experimental kidney injuryBotto, Marina; Pickering, Matthew; Saja, Maha Fahad;
May-2015Novel approaches to the assessment of patients with chest systoms in the acute medical and outpatient settings: the use of multislice computed tomographyBell, Derek; Padley, Simon; Patterson, Caroline;
Feb-2015An investigation into the efficacy of single low dose of insulin in the prevention of excessive cutaneous scarring in breast surgeryDarzi, Ara; Hallam, Marc-James;
Feb-2015PGC1α controls mitochondrial biogenesis and dynamics in lead-induced neurotoxicityHajji, Nabil; Dabrowska, Aleksandra Franciszka