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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Modelling the diversity and persistence of the human T-lymphotropic virus type-1Asquith, Becca; Bangham, Charles R M; Laydon, Daniel; Wellcome Trust (London, England)
Sep-2015Understanding the role of microRNA expression in the response to phenobarbital toxicity in the ratGooderham, Nigel; Osborne, Michael Craig; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (Great Britain); Syngenta
Mar-2016The image enhanced operating environment in robot assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomyDarzi, Ara; Pratt, Philip; Mayer, Erik; Vale, Justin; Hughes-Hallett, Archie, et al
Aug-2015Using fMRI to investigate speech-stream segregation and auditory attention in healthy adults and patients with memory complaintsWise, Richard; Kamourieh, Salwa; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Dec-2015The aeitiopathogenesis of cutaneous wound failure in Crohn’s diseaseHart, Ailsa; Phillips, Robin; Daulatzai, Najibullah; St. Mark's Hospital for Diseases of the Rectum and Colon (London, England)
Feb-2016Modelling the contribution of hormonal and inflammatory pathways to term and preterm labour in the mouseBennett, Phillip; MacIntyre, David; Migale, Roberta; Genesis Research Trust; Wellcome Trust (London, England)
Feb-2015An investigation into the efficacy of single low dose of insulin in the prevention of excessive cutaneous scarring in breast surgeryDarzi, Ara; Hallam, Marc-James; PharmEcosse (Firm)
Jun-2016A scientific approach to improvement: the use of Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles in healthcareReed, Julie E; Bell, Derek; McNicholas, Chris; National Institute for Health Research (Great Britain)
Oct-2016Metabolic signatures of sepsis in critical care: an individualised approach to diagnosis and managementGordon, Anthony; Brett, Stephen; Li, Jia; McLymont, Natalie; Imperial College London, et al
Sep-2016Improving interdisciplinary care on the general medical wardSevdalis, Nick; Athanasiou, Thanos; Long, Susannah; Pannick, Samuel; National Institute of Health Research (Great Britain), et al