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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2013Differential microglial activation in neurodegenerative diseasesGentleman, Stephen; Pey, Peixuan; Imperial College London; National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
Jun-2015Visualising RNA folding dynamics in crowded environments and with single-molecule resolutionRueda, David; Paudel, Bishnu; Imperial College London; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Sep-2015Watching dynamics and assembly of spliceosomal complexes at single molecule resolutionRueda, David; Warnasooriya, Chandani Manoja; Imperial College London
Dec-2014Evaluation of video-motion analysis in the assessment of endovascular skillBicknell, Colin; Rolls, Alexander; Imperial College London
Apr-2016A salmonella toxin induces persister formation via acetylation of tRNAHelaine, Sophie; Holden, David; Cheverton, Angie; Imperial College London; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Nov-2017Preoperative pathway errors in elective aortic surgery and the role of collaborative planning technologyBicknell, Colin; Riga, Celia; Godfrey, Anthony; National Institute for Health Research (Great Britain); Imperial College London
Oct-2015The iKnife: real time Intra-operative tissue diagnostics using rapid evaporative ionisation mass spectrometryDarzi, Ara; Nicholson, Jeremy; Takats, Zoltan; Kinross, James; Muirhead, Laura Jane, et al
Mar-2015Identification and characterisation of Ubiquitin Specific Protease 11 binding partnersMaertens, Goedele; McClure, Myra; Stockum, Anna; Imperial College London
Aug-2016In vitro models as surrogates of in vivo antiretroviral efficacy in central nervous system of HIV-1 infected subjectsWinston, Alan; Herrera, Carolina; Shattock, Robin; Mora Peris, Borja; Imperial College London
Dec-2013Role of FOXM1 in ovarian cancer tumorigenesis and chemoresistanceLam, Eric W-F; Zhao, Fung; Imperial College London; University of Hong Kong