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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2009Lung innate homeostasis and susceptibility to viral induced secondary bacterial pneumoniasHussell, Tracy; Goulding, John Charles
Oct-2009The use of rapid sampling microdialysis in monitoring human bowel and anastomosis ischaemiaDarzi, Ara; Deeba, Samer
Nov-2009Regulation of pluripotent states in human embryonic stem cellsAzuara, Veronique; Pinho, Sandra Isabel da Rocha Lourenco de; FCT, Portugal ; IOG Trust Fund
Sep-2009Function of Bmpr1a in ES cell differentiation and cell competitionRodriguez, Tristan; Sancho, Maria Margarida Gouveia; Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia ; Medical Research Council
Sep-2009The role of inflammatory cytokines and hypoxia in varicose vein wall remodellingDavies, Alun; Saunders, Beverley
2009Assessment of histopathological methods of evaluating response to neoadjuvant therapy in oesophageal and gastric adenocarcinomaGoldin, Robert; George Hanna, Akram Ramsis
Jan-2009The Function of Heat Shock Protein 27 in Interleukin-1 SignallingDean, Jon; Saklatvala, Jerry; Brennan, Bryony Rachel
2009A study of KIR binding to HLA-CKhakoo, Salim; Fadda, Lena
14-Apr-2008Mathematical models of gonorrhoea and chlamydia: Biology, behaviour and interactionsTurner, Katherine Mary Elizabeth
31-Mar-2008Analysis of RNA-Protein interactions involved in calicivirus translation and replicationGoodfellow, Ian; Karakasiliotis, Ioannis