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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The Biological Role of Factor-Inhibiting Hypoxia- Inducible FactorMaxwell, Patrick; Kiriakidis, Serafim; Khan, Moddasar N.
2008Characterisation of the Vaccinia Virus Protein, C16, and its Role in InfectionSmith, Geoffrey; Fahy, Aodhnait Sile
Apr-2009Investigation of the effects of injury upon intracellular signalling pathways and expression of inflammatory response genes in articular cartilageSaklatvala, Jeremy; Watt, Fiona Elizabeth
2009Vaccinia virus protein A40 is an immunomodulatorSmith, Geoffrey; Jarmin, Susan Anne
Feb-2009Development of Methodologies for Diffusion-weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging at High Field StrengthLarkman, David; Golay, Xavier; Teh, Irvin Tze Wei
2008Cardiovascular autonomic responses in pre- and post-ganglionic models of chronic autonomic failureMathias, Christopher; Young, Tim; The Sarah Matheson Trust
2009Transmission dynamics of Schistosoma japonicum within ChinaWebster, Joanne; Donnelly, Christl; Lu, Dabing; Kwok Foundation and British Society for Parasitology
Aug-2008The interface between innate and adaptive immune responses: the role of coagulation proteinsDorling, Anthony; Shrivastava, Seema; Kidney Research UK (KRUK)
May-2009Investigating the Expression and Function of CCN2 in Articular CartilageVincent, Tonia; Saklatvala, Jeremy; McLean, Celia
Dec-2009MRI Studies of Appetite Centre Function in RodentsHerlihy, Amy; Bell, Jimmy; Nadkarni, Nachiket Abhay