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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Judgment and Decision Making in SurgeryDarzi, Ara; Vincent, Charles; Jacklin, Rosamond; Royal College of Surgeons, Rosetrees Foundation and the Grand Lodge 250th Anniversary Fund
Feb-2009Epigenetic Regulation Of Gene Expression Domains In Pluripotent Stem CellsDillon, Niall; Nikic, Svetlana
2009Characterisation of T cell surface phenotype and effector function in a surrogate model of rheumatoid arthritisBrennan, Fionula; Wait, Robin; Smith, Nicola Marianne Godwin
2009Investigation of the extent and role of N-linked glycosylation in the human scavenger receptor CD36Linton, Kenneth; Hoosdally, Sarah Jayne
Mar-2009The Role of Exopolyphosphatase in Neisseria meningitidis InfectionTang, Christoph; Zhang, Qian
2009Biostatistical Analysis of the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative Programme on Schistosoma Prevalence, Intensity and Associated MorbidityDonnelly, Christl; Webster, Joanne; Koukounari, Artemis
Sep-2008Regulation of the IGK Locus and B Cell DevelopmentMerkenschlager, Matthias; Taylor, Benjamin James Miles Taylor
2009Biophysical and pharmacological characterisation of recombinant and native rat P2X7 receptorsNagy, Istvan; Morisset, Valerie; Gunthorpe, Martin; Lappin, Sarah Crawford
2008Identification of a Molecular Determinant of Fowlpox Virus Resistance to Avian Type I InterferonSkinner, Michael; Buttigieg, Karen Rachel
Dec-2008Multivariate Analysis of Tumour Gene Expression Profiles Applying Regularisation and Bayesian Variable Selection TechniquesGabra, Hani; Richardson, Sylvia; Zucknick, Manuela; Wellcome Trust