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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2009Sexual behaviour of men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgenders in Southern IndiaBoily, Marie-Claude; Garnett, Geoffrey; Lowndes, Catherine; Phillips, Anna; Medical Research Council
2009The genetics of human C-reactive protein and complement C3 expression in health and diseaseVyse, Tim; Rhodes, Benjamin; Arthritis Research Campaign
Aug-2009Analysis of association studies and inference of haplotypic phase using hidden Markov modelsCoin, Lachlan; Su, Shu Yi; Imperial College Deputy Rector Scholarship
Nov-2009Metabonomic profiling of oesophageal cancerHanna, George; Keun, Hector; Yakoub, Danny
Mar-2009Endoplasmic reticulum stress and inhibition of apoptotic caspases regulate the life-span of short-lived plasma cellsDillon, Niall; Sabbattini, Pierangela; Auner, Holger Werner
May-2009An investigation of hospital patients' willingness and ability to participate in safety-related aspects of their healthcare managementVincent, Charles; Sevdalis, Nick; Davis, Rachel; Health Foundation
2009Application of proteomics to identify biomarkers of myopathySweatman, Brian; Dare , Theophilus Olusegun; GlaxoSmithKline
Sep-2009Characterisation of ADAMTS-4 endocytosis by chondrosarcoma cells and chondrocytesNagase, Hideaki; Owen, Kathryn; BBSRC ; AstraZeneca
Oct-2009The development and use of bioinformatic web applications for infectious disease microbiologyStumpf, Michael; Spratt, Brian; Aanensen, David Michael
Dec-2009Characterising the role of a putative mammalian aspartate dehydrogenase in hepatic lipogenesis and secretion of very low density lipoproteinsSoutar, Anne; Bonney, Stephanie Ann