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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Mathematical modelling studies of the role of superinfection and non adherence HIV disease progression and viral blipsFUNG, Chun Hai
2009Regulation of Epstein-Barr Virus BZLF1McDonald, Carol Marie
2009PXR-mediated Metabolism During Pregnancy and CholestasisOwen, Bryn Myers
2009Muscular dystrophy cell therapy - an in utero approach using human fetal mesenchymal stem cellsFisk, Nicholas; Morgan, Jennifer; Dibb, Nick; Wu, Pensee; Wellbeing of Women and Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Trust
2009Role of FXR in the Adaptive Response to Bile Acids during PregnancyWilliamson, Catherine; Taylor-Robinson, Simon; White, Roger; Milona, Alexandra
2009Characterisation of a Novel Nuclear Receptor-like ProteinParker, Malcolm; Granger, David William
2009Genomic imprinting in human stem cells and human peripheral blood leukocytesRegan, Lesley; Frost, Jennifer May
Mar-2009Characterisation of microRNAs in the heartAitman, Tim; Cook, Stuart; Lu, Han; Department of Health, Medical Research Council, British Heart Foundation.
Jul-2009Mathematical Models for Emerging Infections in Socially Structured Populations: The Presence of Households and WorkplacesFraser, Christophe; Ferguson, Neil; Pellis, Lorenzo
2009Identification and characterisation of transcriptional regulatory proteins that modulate estrogen receptor α activityAli, Simak; Coombes, Charles; Ahamed, Eliyaz; Cancer Research UK