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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Characterisation of the Vaccinia Virus Protein, C16, and its Role in InfectionSmith, Geoffrey; Fahy, Aodhnait Sile
2008Cardiovascular autonomic responses in pre- and post-ganglionic models of chronic autonomic failureMathias, Christopher; Young, Tim; The Sarah Matheson Trust
Aug-2008The interface between innate and adaptive immune responses: the role of coagulation proteinsDorling, Anthony; Shrivastava, Seema; Kidney Research UK (KRUK)
Dec-2008Gene regulation by Epstein-Barr virus EBNA2 type 1 and type 2Farrell, Paul; Lucchesi, Walter
14-Apr-2008Mathematical models of gonorrhoea and chlamydia: Biology, behaviour and interactionsTurner, Katherine Mary Elizabeth
31-Mar-2008Analysis of RNA-Protein interactions involved in calicivirus translation and replicationGoodfellow, Ian; Karakasiliotis, Ioannis
8-Apr-2008Gene regulation and epigenotype in Friedreich’s ataxiaFestenstein, Richard J; Rothe, Nadine
2008Multivariate Prediction Models for Bio-Analytical DataHolmes, Elaine; Nicholson, Jeremy; Rantalainen , Mattias John; METAGRAD
Jan-2008An Evaluation of the Factors Controlling Biodegradation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals During Wastewater TreatmentBoobis, Alan; Lester, John; Koh, Yoong Keat Kelvin; Anglian Water Plc, Severn Trent Plc, Thames Water, United Utilities Plc, Yorkshire Water (Kelda Group Plc)
2008Kinase Inhibitors of the FMS Receptor for Macrophage Colony Stimulating FactorDibb, Nick; Brownlow, Nicola