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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2011Bioactive hydrogels for tissue engineeringStevens, Molly; Place, Elsie Sarah; EPSRC and RepRegen Ltd
Jan-2012Bioactive γCaPGA Sol-Gel Hybrids for Bone RegenerationJones, Julian; Valliant, Esther Mae; NSERC and Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund UK
Jan-2010Biofunctionalised electrospun scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineeringStevens, Molly; Myers, Simon; Lim, Erh-Hsuin; Healing Foundation and BAPRAS
Dec-2013Biomimetic substrates for immune cell activationDunlop, Iain E; Stevens, Molly M; Delcassian, Derfogail; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; National Institute for Health Research (Great Britain)
Sep-2015Bioreactivity of ZnO and Ag nanostructures in the lungPorter, Alexandra; Ryan, Mary; Theodorou, Ioannis; Natural Environmental Research Council (Great Britain)
Apr-2013Biosensing with microwave debye relaxation analysisKlein, Norbert; Maier, Stefan; Basey-Fisher, Toby H.
Oct-2014Breast cancer targeted therapy using ZnO nanostructuresRyan, Mary; Porter, Alexandra; Othman, Basmah; Imperial College London; King Abdulla University of Science and Technology
Feb-2017Calcium incorporation into silica/gelatin hybrids for tissue engineeringJones, Julian; van den Bergh, Wouter
Jun-2016Calcium phosphate scaffolds with controlled properties for biological applicationsSaiz, Eduardo; Jones, Julian; da Costa Machado, Gil Daniel; European Commission
Sep-2011The calculation of optical absorption spectra using linear-scaling density-functional theoryHaynes, Peter; Mostofi, Arash; Ratcliff, Laura Elizabeth; UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)
Jan-2015Cell and extracellular matrix interactions: a biomimetic approach to use cryptic extracellular information to regulate the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transitionStevens, Molly; Wang, Alex; Imperial College London
Feb-2013The characterisation and measurement of biomedically relevant nanomaterialsStevens, Molly; Bell, Nia C.
Dec-2009Characterisation of Mg, Sr, and Zn containing fluoro-aluminosilicate glasses and their glass polyalkenoate cementsLaw, Robert; Hill, Robert; Kusumoto, Hiroko
Sep-2016Characterisation of mineralised tissues with raman spectroscopyStevens, Molly; Payne, David; You, Amanda; Imperial College London; Rosetrees Trust
Oct-2018Characterisation of scandium- and iron-based GaN for high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs)Alford, Neil; Pace, Simona; Leverhulme Trust
Mar-2016Characterisation of scandium-based III-nitride thin filmsMoram, Michelle; Tsui, Hei Chit Leo
Jan-2009Characterisation of semi-solid deformation behaviour of aluminium-copper alloys via combined x-ray microtomography and nite element modellingLee, Peter; Fuloria, Devashish; ALCOA and EPSRC
Aug-2017Characterization and modelling of the mechanical properties of the isolated phases in γ/γ’ microstructuresShollock, Barbara; Dunne, Fionn; Li, Muzi; Imperial College London
Sep-2017Chemical vapour deposition of atomically thin tungsten disulphideMattevi, Cecilia; Saiz Gutierrez, Eduardo; Reale, Francesco
Apr-2014Chemical Vapour Deposition of Large-area High-quality Graphene Films for Electronic ApplicationsNorbert, Klein; Alford, Neil; Wang, Kai; Saudi Arabia
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 304