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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2015Self-healing organic/inorganic compositesSaiz, Eduardo; Georgiou, Theoni; D'Elia, Eleonora; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Sep-2015Materials-based strategies for epigenetic control of stem cell fateSTEVENS, Molly M; SCHNEIDER, Michael D; Morez, Constant; British Heart Foundation
Aug-2015Processing and microstructural characterisation of UO2-based simulated spent nuclear fuel ceramics for the UK`s advanced gas-cooled reactorsLee, Bill; Wenman, Mark; Hiezl, Zoltan; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Aug-2016Computer simulations of functional solid oxidesHorsfield, Andrew; Skinner, Stephen; Grimes, Robin; Wu, Ji; King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, et al
Mar-2015Lead-based materials for energy applicationsPayne, David; Riley, Jason; Poll, Christopher; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Aug-2014The role of aggregates in the thermal stability of Mg-PSZ refractories for vacuum induction meltingLee, William; Vandeperre, Luc; Quadling, Amanda Gail; Morgan Advanced Materials
Dec-2017Electromagnetic sensing of cell suspensions in microfluidic systemsKlein, Norbert; Stingelin, Natalie; Watts, Clare
Jul-2015Impact of the polymer design on the structure and properties of class II silicate hybridsJones, Julian R.; Ladame, Sylvain; Ma├žon, Anthony L. B.; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
May-2015Oxygen ion transport and dopant segregation in strained oxide thin filmsKilner, John; Skinner, Stephen; Harrington, George; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Jul-2015Ordering and the deformation mechanisms of Ti-Al alloysDye, David; Lindley, Trevor; Radecka, Anna; Rolls-Royce plc.