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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Analysis for sensing resource reduction via state evolutionLu, Yang
-An analysis of learning in weightless neural systemsBradshaw, Nicholas P.
Sep-2013Analysis of very low quality speech for mask-based enhancementGonzalez, Sira
Jun-2014Application of Parylene C thin films in cardiac cell culturingTrantidou, Tatiana
Jul-2016Applications of memristors in conventional analogue electronicsBerdan, Radu
Jun-2014Approximate feedback solutions for differential games. Theory and applicationsMylvaganam, Thulasi
Jan-2016Approximation, analysis and control of large-scale systems - Theory and ApplicationsScarciotti, Giordano
Apr-2013Array Auto-calibrationWillerton, Marc
Feb-2011Array signal processing robust to pointing errorsZhuang, Jie
Oct-2014Arrayed synthetic aperture radarMak, Karen
Feb-2018Artificial neural networks acceleration on field-programmable gate arrays considering model redundancySu, Jiang
Oct-2015Assessment of HVDC technologies for an offshore MTDC gridSheridan, CaitrĂ­ona Evelyn
Mar-2015Assessment of the value of flexibility by using stochastic scheduling toolTeng, Fei
Jan-2014Assisting search and rescue through visual AttentionMardell, James
Jan-2017Associative transducers for the parallel processing of streaming dataOgden, Peter
Sep-2013Asynchronous sigma delta modulators for data conversionChen, Wei
Oct-2008Atomic Force Microscopy for Martian InvestigationsSykulska-Lawrence, Hanna Maria
2009An attention model and its application in man-made scene interpretationJahangiri, Mohammad
Nov-2014Balancing benefits and risks of system protection schemesCalvo de Miguel, Jose Luis
2010Benchmarking the screen-grid field effect transistor (SGrFET) for digital applicationsShadrokh, Yasaman
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 394
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