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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2017Program slicing for reliability and runahead in high level synthesisThomas, David; Fleming, Shane; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Nov-2015Dictionary optimisation for representing and sensing sparse signalsDai, Wei; Zhao, Xiaochen
May-2015Silicon nanowires for single slectron transistor fabricationDurrani, Zahid; Wang, Chen
Feb-2015Optimal control of differential inclusionsVinter, Richard; Palladino, Michele; European Commission
Aug-2016Zero-delay source-channel codingGunduz, Deniz; Varasteh, Morteza
Jun-2015Control of wave energy convertersKerrigan, Eric; Feng, Zhe
Dec-2016Integrating consumers’ supply valuation and flexibility in distribution network planning and chargingStrbac, Goran; Karimi Khouzani, Hadi
Mar-2017Design and optimization of wireless information and power transfer networksClerckx, Bruno; Binti Zawawi, Zati Bayani; Malaysia
Oct-2017Rotational energy harvesting for low power electronicsYeatman, Eric; Fu, Hailing; Imperial College London; China Scholarship Council
May-2016Single-channel enhancement of speech corrupted by reverberation and noiseBrookes, Mike; Naylor, Patrick; Doire, Clément; European Union