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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Cooperative wireless networksLeung, Kin; Sheng, Zhengguo; International Technology Alliance
2010Datapath and memory co-optimization for FPGA-based computationConstantinides, George; Cheung, Peter; Turkington, Kieron; EPSRC
2010Integration of biomass generation into distribution networks: a techno economic perspectiveGreen, Tim; Payyala, Sree Lakshmi
2010Alternative design strategies of distribution systemsStrbac, Goran; Goncalves da Silva, Nuno Filipe; Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia (FCT)
Mar-2010Thermal design of air-cooled axial flux permanent magnet machinesHolmes, Andrew; Howey, David A.; Hadley Trust
2010Analogue circuits for low power communicationPapavassiliou, Christos; Tuckwell, Mark David
Apr-2010A micromachined zipping variable capacitorYeatman, Eric; Pu, Suan Hui
2010Modelling and control of a waste to energy plant : waste bed temperature control using a feedback control lawAstolfi, Alessandro; Paice, Andrew; Bardi, Silvia
2010Control of fluid flows and other systems governed by partial differential-algebraic equationsKerrigan, Eric; Morrison, Jonathan; Jones, Bryn Llywelyn
2010Glottal-synchronous speech processingNaylor, Patrick; Thomas, Mark R P