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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018Building Laurentia: evidence from P and S-wave teleseismic tomography and SKS splitting in precambrian northern CanadaBastow, Ian; Liddell, Mitchell Vagn; Imperial College London
Feb-2014Cadmium and neodymium geochemical cycles in the marine environmentvan de Flierdt, Tina; Rehkämper, Mark; Lambelet, Myriam Liliane
Apr-2012Cadmium Isotope Variations in the OceansRehkamper, Mark; van de Flierdt, Tina; Xue, Zichen; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain) ; Lee Family Scholarship
Sep-2014Capillary trapping and oil recovery in altered-wettability carbonate rockBlunt, Martin; Alyafei, Nayef; Imperial College London
Dec-2014Carbonate clumped isotopes: a new tool to assess carbonate cementation in clastic sedimentsJohn, Cedric M; Smalley, Craig; Muggeridge, Ann; Dale, Annabel Rebecca; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, et al
Sep-2011Carbonate Reservoir Characterization Based on Integration of 3-D Seismic Data and Well Logs Using Conventional and Artificial Intelligence ApproachesWang, Yanghua; AlMoqbel, Abdulrahman Mohammad Saleh; Government of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Aramco Company
Sep-2016CFD modelling of chalcopyrite heap leachingNeethling, Stephen; Gorman, Gerard; Cai, Liping; Rio Tinto PLC
Jan-2016Characterisation and modelling of natural fracture networks: geometry, geomechanics and fluid flowLatham, John-Paul; Xiang, Jiansheng; Lei, Qinghua; Improved Simulation of Faulted and Fractured Reservoirs Consortium (itf-ISF); Imperial College London
Sep-2016Characterising landscape response, erosional supply and sediment flux along active normal faultsWhittaker, Alexander; Allen, Philip; Roda Boluda, Duna; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain); Geological Society of London, et al
Aug-2011Characterising primitive chondrite componentsBland, Phil; Russell, Sara; McPhail, David; Duffy, Christina Mary; ORIGINS network and Marie Curie
Sep-2016The characteristics, geochemistry and origin of propylitic alteration in the northparkes porphyry Cu-Au systemWilkinson, Jamie; Pacey, Adam; Australian Minerals Industry Research Association; Natural Environment Research Council
Sep-2013Characterization of catastrophic flood-related features in the English ChannelCollier, Jenny; Gupta, Sanjeev; Oggioni, Francesca; Imperial College London
Aug-2016Characterization of controlled salinity waterflooding in carbonate using streaming potential measurementsJackson, Matthew; Al-Mahrouqi, Dawoud; Petroleum Development Oman
May-2017Chemical attack on fragments of asteroidsSephton, Mark; Potiszil, Christian; Science and Technology Facilities Council (Great Britain)
Jan-2014Closed-loop Feedback Control for Production Optimization of Intelligent Wells under UncertaintyJackson, Matthew D; Dilib, Fahad Ahmed; Statoil
Aug-2016Closed-loop feedback control of smart wells for production optimisation using self-potential measurementsJackson, Matthew; Ijioma, Amadi; Petroleum Technology Development Fund (Nigeria)
12-Mar-2008Coarse graining equations for flow in porous media: a HaarWavelets and renormalization approachKing, Peter; Christensen, Kim; Pancaldi, Vera
Aug-2015Combined facies analysis and quantitative characterisation of fluvial stratigraphic architecture at outcrop and in subsurface well dataHampson, Gary; Flood, Yvette; Imperial College London
Oct-2017Computational and numerical aspects of full waveform seismic inversionWarner, Michael; Burgess, Timothy James; Downunder Geosolutions (Firm); FULLWAVE research consortium
Apr-2014Computational methods for geochemical modelling: applications to carbon dioxide sequestrationBlunt, Martin; Moreira Mulin Leal, Allan; Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 283